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  • Catholic Digest

    Catholic Digest

    Faith & Family Living

    Join the Catholic Digest family to share in faith affirming, uplifting stories of hope and God's love. Become a Catholic Digest subscriber today!

    Category: Periodicals
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  • Living with Christ

    Living with Christ

    Your daily companion for praying and living the Eucharist.

    Your complete daily companion for praying, preparing for, and participating in the Mass. Liturgy, reflections from the saints and more.

    Category: Periodicals
    Price: $23.95

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  • Living with Christ Sunday Missal

    2012-2013 Living with Christ Sunday Missal

    The Living with Christ Sunday Missal is the resource that helps Catholics prepare for and celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday and major feast day of the year.

    Prices: 6 or more copies...$3.99 each (plus shipping) | 1-5 copies...$7.95 each (shipping included)

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  • RTJ's Creative Catechist

    RTJ's Creative Catechist

    Giving catechists and teachers the confidence they need! Our new website and magazine will have everything they want for a fun, exciting, and successful classroom experience.

    Category: Periodicals — Catechist Formation
    Price: $24.95

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  • 2012-2013 Praying & Planning Guide

    2012-2013 Praying & Planning Guide

    The 2012-2013 Praying & Planning Guide includes a removable classroom-sized liturgical calendar, ready-to-use saint activities, student data chart, attendance sheets plus much more!
    Prices: 50+ copies...$2.95 each | 25-49 copies...$3.95 each | 10-24 copies...$4.95 each | 1-9 copies...$5.95 each

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  • Exploring the Sunday Readings

    Your best resource for breaking open the word.

    Help for understanding Sunday's readings: Commentary, questions, and prayers encourage living the Gospel message every day of the week.

    Price: $14.95

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