• Reaching stewardship goals through reminder letters

    by Scott Bader

    For many years now, parishes in Western Washington have been encouraged to send periodic stewardship reminders to their parishioners. They were encouraged to do so because: 1. Parishioners need to be thanked frequently for their support of the parish. … read more

  • Make stewardship matter to the folks in the pew

    by Leisa Anslinger

    You have an urgent call. It must be returned immediately. This is not like the e-mail message that you’ve no doubt received from a friend or colleague marked only to find that the sender was simply being impatient. This call is not like that. Rather, it… read more

  • Introduce your parish to eco-stewardship

    by Dan Misleh

    When you hear about efforts to save the environment, what do you think of? Al Gore’s movie? The Sierra Club? A Hollywood star pushing the cause-of-the-day? Do you ever think of Catholic stewardship? Stewardship for Catholics generally means giving… read more

  • Giving birth to stewardship

    by Cathy Rusin

    One Sunday morning I sat in Mass trying to find inspiration in the homily. A couple of seats away was a woman who kept looking at her infant daughter in her carrier, finally picking her up and cradling her until communion time. With a mixture of serenity… read more

  • Use parish community-building activities to stimulate stewardship

    by Charles Zech

    A basic axiom of fundraisers is that people give to people. While a parish might be able to rally its members around a particular need (“the boiler in the church broke down, and we need to replace it”), sustained, long-term giving requires… read more

  • Pledging is a critical key to stewardship

    by Charles Zech

    It is difficult to imagine a good steward who has not made a commitment. Our Mainline Protestant friends ask their congregation members to make a commitment by pledging. Pledging is not a popular concept among Catholics, who view it as a Protestant … read more

  • Move from a volunteer mindset to a ministry mindset

    by Charles Zech

    I once was talking with a pastor whom I didn’t know very well, and to make conversation I asked him how many people volunteered in his parish. “We don’t have any volunteers,” he responded. My immediate thought was that, if he… read more

  • Let’s Talk More About Money!

    by Msgr. Vincent Rush

    Ever since my ordination I’ve liked to talk about money from the pulpit. I get the sense that this makes me unusual. So I’d like to tell you about my experience of talking about money. Our parish has been committed to the bishops’ vision… read more

  • Building Stewardship

    by Kay Stark

    In our experience here, the three most important building blocks for nurturing a stewardship parish are spirituality, hospitality, and gratitude and generosity. Let me say a few words about each. SpiritualityToday we have many and varied ministries … read more

  • Transparent finances are essential for effective stewardship

    by Charles Zech

    It is imperative that the pastor, along with his leadership team (especially the parish business manager and the parish finance council), exhibit the highest standards of integrity and responsibility in handling the parish’s temporal assets. During… read more