• From Chaos to Cadence

    by Father Jim Schmitmeyer

    Faith formation produces “the habit” of living the gospel in daily life. The homily nurtures the habit of faithful living in the way that a child learns music. “I watch my daughter play new songs,” writes Ann Voskamp. “… read more

  • A Prayer in Thanksgiving for Work

    by Diana Macalintal

    Blessed are you, Lord God,Creator of all that is good,for in your mercy you give us workthat we may be co-creators with you. With hands to fashion and form,minds to imagine what has yet to be,hearts to care for what we have made,and a spirit to impart to our own creations,we… read more

  • Prayer Service on the Anniversary of September 11

    by Diana Macalintal

    All gather and sing an opening song, such as Amazing Grace. After the sign of the cross, the leader continues: Leader:We gather to remember September 11, 2001,and all who died that dayand each day these last ten years because of those attacks.Let us… read more

  • Music gives wings to the Word for New Roman Missal

    by Tom Gallo

    Want to know the secret to a successful parish implementation of the new Roman Missal? It’s no secret at all. A survey of Priests and Music Ministers across the United States reveals three factors leading to a joy-filled Eucharistic celebration… read more

  • New prayers, same Mass

    by Mitch Finley

    Changing the prayers of the Mass is not something Catholics take lightly. Parishes throughout the English-speaking world are now in the process of coming to grips with a new translation of those very prayers. In 2009, after several years of work, the… read more

  • What’s new about the Eucharistic Prayers

    by Francis L. Agnoli

    Roman Catholics in the United States will soon begin using the newly translated third edition of the Roman Missal. The implementation date is set for November 27, 2011—the First Sunday of Advent. While the structure of the Mass is not changing, there… read more

  • A special prayer for our animal friends

    by Diana Macalintal

    Parishes often use the Memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi (October 4) as a day to bless animals. The church says that “according to the providence of the Creator, many animals have a certain role to play in human existence by helping with work… read more

  • Soap operas to saints

    by Colleen M. Griffith

    It was my Irish grandmother’s favorite “soap.” Each weekday afternoon she would stop to rest, kick off her shoes, put up her feet on Pop’s big stool, and sit down to enjoy the next episode of “One Life to Live.” The … read more

  • Encouraging today’s parishes to pray

    by Mike St. Pierre

    Just walk into your local Starbucks during the Christmas season and you’ll notice it. It’s a thoughtful, strategic system of getting people excited about the message of the season. You’ll find that it’s not just December that … read more

  • Liturgy and justice: live your discipleship

    by Gregory R. Kepferle

    Last June, a casual passerby would have seen an unusual sight outside San José City Hall. Streams of people processing behind banners of Our Lady of Guadalupe and other parish banners converged before a monstrance on an altar sheltered by a cloth… read more