Faith Formation


  • Seven secrets to adult faith formation

    by Kathy Gallo

    1. Be a contextualist. Every parish is different. Every context is different no matter what the setting. Spend time getting to know the people in your parish. Talk to parishioners about the history of the community, the parish, and about the stories … read more

  • 12 ways in which the parish is the curriculum

    by Frances Vogel Montano

    Where do we find the curriculum for adult faith formation? The parish is the curriculum! The whole life of the parish is the course of study, the course to be run. Here are some ways in which the parishioners are formed by the life of the parish: 1. Participating in… read more

  • Hosting a guest speaker

    by Kathy Hendricks

    CommunicatingOnce, when waiting to speak at a large suburban parish, I discovered a flier on a bulletin board that said I was going to present a different topic than the one I had prepared. I managed to do some last minute scram­bling to bring both topics together, but… read more

  • Effective formation

    by Jane Regan

    Establish your structures “Structures” are all those ways in which time, space, and resources are used in service to the vision and presumptions of the parish or pro­gram. A look at the overall structure of faith formation in our parish­es… read more

  • Five basic appreciative inquiry questions

    by David DeLambo

    1. BeginningsTo start, I’d like to learn about your beginnings in our parish / organization / ministry / community.a. What first attracted you to our parish / organization / ministry / community?b. What were your initial excitements and impressions when you began here… read more

  • A new model for ministry

    by Mary Birmingham

    For several years, our parish staff studied models of catechesis that could improve our faith formation efforts. We dialogued with the various groups within the parish, and we experimented.We had several eye-opening experiences. First, when the bishops … read more