• Pros and cons of hiring a parishioner

    by Lisa A Covington

    When needing to fill a position in the parish, the question often comes to mind whether or not it is a good idea to hire a parishioner. Below is a list of pros and cons of hiring a parishioner, along with ideas of why it is good to hire someone from … read more

  • Need to hire someone?

    by Lisa A Covington

    As parish programs begin to wind down for the summer, there may be some necessary staff changes—people may be retiring, moving, or changing jobs. In order for parish programs to run smoothly, we want to be sure we have the right people in place… read more

  • Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

    by Deborah McCann

    The one word missing from this article’s title is ¡Bienvenidos!—a phrase that’s becoming more and more common in parishes around the country. The parish I serve is half English-speaking and half Spanish-speaking, and the balance … read more

  • Is social media right for your parish?

    by Jared Dees

    Parishes today are pressured to enter into the realm of social media. Many parish leaders are being told by parishioners that they must use social media or they will be left behind the times. The pressure may soon be coming from bishops as well. In … read more

  • Spread the word via text messaging

    by Douglas Plank

    One of the greatest commands of Christendom is to spread the gospel throughout the world. Consider the truth and opportunity available to parishes to spread the gospel via mobile devices: In the U.S. alone there are: 257 million data capable … read more

  • Can the web really improve liturgy planning?

    by Mike St. Pierre

    “Just give me a theme, and let me preach about it,” said Father Mark after I had asked him to sit with our student leaders prior to a liturgical event. The month before, Father Mark had met with our student leaders to discuss the readings. Our … read more

  • The Parish Bulletin: A Faith-Formation Resource

    by Rev. James Field

    When I arrived at the Parish of the Incarnation of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ five years ago, the parish bulletin was astonishingly dull. There really wasn’t much worth reading: a list of intentions, a report on collections, and a jumble … read more

  • Get more out of meetings!

    by Deborah McCann

    I first came across the quote, “Meetings are events where minutes are kept and hours are lost,” in a Murphy’s Law calendar a number of years ago, the same calendar that spouted: “Measure with a micrometer, mark with a pencil, … read more

  • Make your parish young-adult-friendly

    by Thomas P. Sweetser, SJ

    The future of the Catholic parish depends upon the number of young adults it can attract. Simple as that. And we are failing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What is needed is a change of purpose, image and operation. It might mean giving less… read more